Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper Review

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Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper

First Impressions

The first thing you’ll notice about Hairbond Moulder is the packaging. It looks cool, sleek and sophisticated. It’s a nice reminder that this is a premium product, and one you’ll definitely want to keep on display.

The only slightly negative thing you could say about the packaging is perhaps there’s too much plastic. In today’s climate of reducing our reliance on plastic, perhaps Hairbond could do something to reduce the amount of plastic in its packaging?

Having said that, you wouldn’t want them to lose any of the classy feel. After all, it's a premium product and needs to look good on your shelf. And currently, it's doing that.

Second Impression — The Smell

When you’ve finished admiring the packaging, the next step—you think—is to test the product itself. But that’s when you open up the jar and are hit by the delicious scent. A heady aroma of sweet apples and pineapples that blows you away. It truly is a great smell, and so fresh too.

Putting Hairbond Moulder to Use

First of all, let’s touch on what not to do. Do not use this product in wet hair. Not even damp. It’s a bit of a nightmare if you do, making your hair heavy and greasy and impossible to re-work into the shape you want. So avoid doing that at all costs.

But if you follow the instructions on how to use Hairbond Moulder with dry hair you should be absolutely fine.

The Hold

Hairbond Moulder has a strong hold, but not overpowering if you use a small amount. Rub a pea sized amount between your fingers and palms and apply to your hair, starting from the roots. If you do this, Hairbond Moulder will allow you to shape your hair to exactly the style you want.

The wax is easy to apply through the hair. You can use Hairbond Moulder to create texture, and however you style your hair, this product can make it happen. The best part is that it leaves your hair looking very natural, and not filled with product.


Hairbond Moulder comes in both a 50ml and 100ml pot, meaning if you don't want to fork out for the 100ml version, there's a cheaper pot available.

But the point here is that regardless of which size you choose, it still represents good value if you use the product the way its been designed to be used. By that, we mean that you only need to use a small amount for each application. And you'll be surprised just how small that amount is.

Because of this, Hairbond Moulder lasts a long time. And we love that there's two different size pots for you to choose from.

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